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Birthdate:Jul 15
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Born in 1727, Angel can look back on over two centuries of a ‘life’ spent in unrestrained cruelty, murder and depravity as a vampire, with only a few precious years devoted so far to making up for them.

He has a long way to go.

Redemption is never far from Angel’s mind these days, and though he’s managed to save many lives—and a few souls, including at least one Slayer—he knows the balance is still heavily against him.

And yet, there have been victories. And the greatest of all came just prior to his arrival at Milliways—a final showdown (sort of) with the Circle of the Black Thorn. Angel was convinced that night would be his last, and the last for that of his closest friends, saving only the woman he loved above all others. The woman whose trust he had lost by accepting control of the L.A. branch of the demonic law firm, Wolfram & Hart.

Angel still isn’t entirely clear what happened that night. Somehow, miraculously, he survived that brutal fight in the alley, despite impossible odds. But if anyone should ask, he will have nothing to say about that night, unless the person who asks truly has a right to know.

Angel remains the brooding vampire his friends, lovers, and associates have known for several years now. But at the moment, destiny is calling him to be a man of action, and he fully intends to rise to that challenge, even more than he has in the past. Sadly (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), this won’t have any effect on his wardrobe.

One lesson he has taken to heart—so to speak—is his need for friends and allies. Not that he doesn’t still have the urge to take action on his own, but he’s learned not to give in to that as much as he used to. Considering how formidable his enemies have become in recent years, he needs to have a dependable team around him.

As for Angelus, the demon within—the shadow of the vampire he used to be--in some respects he’s never been so close. But Angel understands him much better now than he used to, and he’s learned how to draw on Angelus’ strength and ruthlessness without giving in to his monstrous nature. Or at least, so Angel believes.

Angel is not prepared for a place like Milliways, but the circumstances that bring him there the first time will keep him from acknowledging the full reality of the place. There’ll be time enough to cope with that later. For now, the fight against the Circle of the Black Thorn is far from over, and if he plans to follow through on his promise to set back their plans for a generation, then much work remains to be done.

Angel is from the series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" and is the property of Joss Whedon and Fox. He appears here solely for the purpose of roleplaying in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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